Learn to Love in Spanish

Searching for some motivation for a Spanish Valentine Card, possibly? Along these lines, it is the ideal event for a survey of some “Spanish love vocabulary”. How would you say my affection in Spanish? What’s the Spanish word for adoration?


How about we see!

Spanish word for affection

as a thing:

Love (affirmed like/um-or/, click here to hear it in Forvo. Is it true that it isn’t wonderful?? ❤

as a verb:

Amar, querer.

How to state I Love You in Spanish?

There are essentially two approaches to state “I cherish you” in Spanish:

Te quiero: This is the most well-known way, for sentimental love, as well as to express love for a friend or family member. Take note of that it is a sporadic verb. Alejandro, te queremos (Alejandro, we cherish you).

Te amo: Also signifies “I cherish you”, yet it is maybe a more “extraordinary” method for communicating it. It is to some degree not so much informal but rather more, say, idyllic. It is all the more as often as possible utilized as a part of a sentimental way, however not only. Amarás a Dios sobre todas las cosas y al prójimo como a ti mismo (You should love the Lord your God most importantly things and your neighbor as yourself).Love English translation to Spanish in much easier way.

Hoy do you say My Love in Spanish?

Essentially. In Spanish, “Mi Amor” is “My affection”. For instance, we should utilize it in an average sentence. The English sentence:

I adore you so much, my affection!

Would be ordinarily meant Spanish as:

¡Te quiero mucho, mi love!


Spanish Love Words and Phrases

Here are some Spanish words and expressions identified with affection, connections, and so on.

My adoration… : mi love

Dear, nectar: cariño, mi vida (my life),vida mía, cielo (paradise), tesoro (treasure), querido/a (mío/a)…

St. Valentine: San Valentín.

St. Valentine’s Day: día de San Valentín, or likewise día de los enamorados (mates’ day).

Valentine (card): Tarjeta de San Valentín.

Cupid: Cupido.

Adore: (el) Amor. I Can’t Give Back The Love I Feel For You: No puedo devolver el love que siento por ti.

Unexplainable adoration: Amor a primera vista. Additionally, flechazo (actually, bolt shot).

Heart: Corazón. I adore you with my entire being: Te quiero con todo mi corazón.

To thump (heart): Latir.

Adore letter: Carta de love.

Compliment: cumplido, or, all the more coloquially, piropo. To pay compliments: hacer cumplidos, echar piropos, piropear.

Kiss: beso. To kiss: besar. French kiss: beso en la boca (in the mouth), or beso con lengua (with tongue). Kiss me: bésame.

Stroke: caricia. To stroke: acariciar.

Embrace: abrazo. To embrace: abrazar.

Energy: pasión.

Couple: pareja.

Beau: novio (additionally implies prep).

Sweetheart: novia (additionally implies lady of the hour).

Darling: amante.

Marriage: (matrimonio can likewise signify “wedded couple”).

Spouse: marido, or esposo.

Spouse: mujer, or esposa. I claim you man and spouse: Yo os declaro marido y mujer.

Until death parts us: Hasta que la muerte nos separe.

Wedding: Boda.

To experience passionate feelings for: enamorarse (de). I’m enamored with you. Estoy enamorado/a de tí.

Also learn to say beautiful in spanish

To love: querer, amar.

To become flushed, to turn red: ruborizarse, ponerse colorado/a.

To tempt: seducir.

To be a tease: flirtear, coquetear.

To court: cortejar.

To wed: casarse (con), contraer matrimonio (exceptionally formal).

Lovely: bonito, bello/hermoso (more “wonderful”), precioso (waaay excellent).

Nice looking, lovely in spanish: guapo/a.

Alluring: atractivo.

Enchanting: seductor.

Delicate: cariñoso, tierno.

At long last, some different approaches to state “I cherish you” can be: te adoro (I revere you),estoy loco/a por ti (I’m obsessed with you), te quiero con locura (I adore you frantically).

Cheerful (and effective) Valentine’s Day


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